THE DRIPBaR is an innovative new IV clinic in Newport, RI. We offer our community a new way to achieve better health and wellness through IV drips and IM Quick Shots!


227 Goddard Row
Newport ri 02840

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50% off the Shield IV drip for the month of March

Your immune system is your Shield against infections and illness Help your immune system work properly is the key to diminishing the risk of infection
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Feed your cells fuel your life

The DRIPBaR is focused on helping people obtain their best health using advances in intravenous therapies. Our dedication to cutting edge treatments, commitment to community, and the excellence of our experts lead our drive in the industry.

Individual cells are recognized as the building blocks of our body. The consequence of unhealthy cells can take years before they manifest into recognizable disease states. In many cases prior to disease

At THE DRIPBaR everything we do is motivated by one fundamental focus—supporting the best health of our clients.

  • IV life style drips
  • IV health support drips
  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • IM quick shots
  • Signature boosters
  • High dose Vitamin C
  • Anti aging IV drips

Joe Gulino, Kristen Gabriele

I started IV infusion therapy 7 years ago after my mom passed of pancreatic cancer. I discovered that getting 100% absorption thru the infusion versus on up to 28% using oral supplements really changed my body and well being. I tried the heavy metal detoxification using chelation and the immediate benefits were incredible. I recommend IV infusion to my partner Kristen over a year ago and now we both go monthly and try to bring a friend or someone new each time so they also can share in the benefits of IV infusion.

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