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We are the only locally owned and operated take out food delivery company here on Aquidneck Island and Newport County along with East Bay of RI. We never charge restaurants for our services.


333 Tuckerman Ave #1
Middletown,RI 02842

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Anthony G. Spiratos

Our story started at the beginning of the global pandemic when Covid-19 reached Aquidneck Island. I drove down Broadway and Thames Street one night and wondered why not many restaurants were doing delivery and were closed when The Governor forced a shut down. After talking to restaurants and researching the largest delivery companies in America, I saw an alarming trend. Delivery was simply unattainable to most restaurants during the pandemic because of the high commissions out of State billion dollar apps were charging. Restaurants either had to do it themselves, which was costly in terms of overhead, or they had to use the major app-based delivery services which charged 15% to 30% in commissions, only making about .10 cents on the dollar if they were lucky- or they had to close.

I thought to myself there has to be a better way of doing things! That is when No Contact Valet & Newport Dine Out was born. A sense of community drives this company. This is home for me and has been my entire life.
There is a better way of doing things and we are that better way.

We are free for restaurants to use and we always will be. Our goal is to not just be a company. Our mission and what drives us is to save the very backbone of this island- the restaurant industry. We will not sit idly by while a foreign virus that reached our shores of our island and extreme government shut downs wreak havoc on our beloved island.

With my resources at my disposal, and the amazingly talented business minds in my company, it is my goal to muster up that better way of doing things. It is my goal to put anyone who has been laid off in the restaurant and hospitality industry back to work and save the restaurant industry as a whole.
We are not just a company- We are a movement, and we will work tirelessly to that end to save this very beloved island that we call home.

Restaurants never pay to use our delivery service!
We are FREE to restaurants and always will be!
No set up cost, 0% commission, no fees of any kind for restaurants as long as this company exists, period!!! We stand ready to help the restaurant industry on Aquidneck Island during these tough times!

My company will also be donating 10% of all company profits to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Food Bank & The Potter League For Animals where my dog Riley came from.

If you’re a restaurant and would like to join our online platform and be able to offer delivery for your restaurant for FREE, please contact our company at
1-401-533-3705 or E-mail us at

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